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Why SHIPDirector?

Because your crew, your vendors, your shareholders, and YOU will love it!

Global Access & Availability

Enhance team productivity and interaction using SHIPDirectors’ intuitive Online/Offline interface providing access via desktop, smart phones, tablets and other android or apple devices.  Our cloud-based server provides a single-source of the truth when connected and synchronized devices can take that data with them anywhere.  Use, produce or analyze that data in the field online or offline and add to it anytime while underway, inspecting, at port or dry dock.

Ease Of Use – Intuitive

Our easy to navigate and understand graphical platform interface maximizes crew and staff adoption into daily operations and maintenance allowing accurate and near real-time capture of data, logging of critical information as well as completion of checklists.  Utilize QR codes to ensure your data is going to the right place and includes the correct information.  Capable of being used on many devices allows diversity of staff for quick and easy inputs and reporting.  Management, overview and meaningful dashboards give you just the right information without digging through the vast data.

Permissions Based / Ball-In-Court Routing Technology

SHIPDirectors powerful Administrative features allows you to set roll-based permissions ensuring internal staff and external vendors only see the information pertinent to their jobs. Also included in the platform are ball-in-court workflows to ensure that no items are closed or missed without oversight or review. Use our out-of-the-box workflows or custom build your own. You don’t have to limit the access to internal staff only, invite your favorite outsource engineering teams or other meaningful vendors into the workflow with permissions based access allowing you to analyze, prepare, procure and enable your ships to be maintained as fast as possible.


Although SHIPDirector is used in many Marine Industries and on a diverse group of Ships, we allow you to hit the ground running with default settings and configurations.  Our Inspection Types / Tasks / Descriptions are custom to the Marine Industries and allow out-of-the box implementation in a few hours to reduce time and effort to be operational.  However, all of this is completely customizable to your specific needs at any time or place.  Either we can do it for you at no additional charge or show you how to do it on the user-facing Administration of the platform allowing for a Perfect match in your specific utilization.

Near Real-Time Data Communication & Syncing

Our cloud-based, single source of the truth system allows for real-time reporting or data analysis while you have internet connectivity.  However, you can continue to run the platform while you are offline and collect data, perform inspections and maintenance with your mobile devices, storing the information on the device until you can sync with the cloud again.  All devices will push the collected data up to the cloud and bring pertinent data back down to the device so all devices connected to the platform maintain that single-source of the truth.

Fast Implementation / Set-Up & Configuration

SHIPDirector really only needs drawings of your ship in PDF or DWG format so that your team can quickly and easily navigate the platform seamlessly and expeditiously.  All other functionality is built in by default with out-of -the-box configurations for quick and easy implementation.  You can be up in running in less than a day with our canned inspection Types / Tasks / Descriptions or spend a little time with our implementation specialists and customize to your hearts content to make it YOUR platform.  All this and training are included in our costs to ensure you are operational and fully trained ASAP.  If there is legacy data or other information from other systems you would like to enter into our platform just let us know, odds are you can do it yourself in our user-facing Administration or we can do it for you for a small fee.

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